How to Use Cylinder Head Porting and Matching to Improve Performance

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How to Use Cylinder Head Porting and Matching to Improve Performance

There are many different ways to improve the performance of an engine, but one procedure can help to get rid of any existing inefficiencies and improve the overall flow of fuel and gas. If you're thinking about investing in a performance upgrade, learn why should you have a closer look at head porting and matching.

Original Design

As you may know, the cylinder head is basically where all the action happens and where the mixture ignites to force the pistons up and down. The fuel and air mix needs to flow into one side, and the exhaust gases need to flow out of the other. The efficiency of the entire operation will be based on the condition of the head itself.

When a cylinder head is first made at the factory, molten iron or aluminium alloy is poured into a template and allowed to harden. The individual ports are then machined using a relatively rudimentary approach to come up with the overall design of the head.

Head Porting

If you want to get true performance out of your engine, you will need to ensure that the liquids and gases encounter as few obstacles as possible. In order to achieve this, you will need to get the various individual ports machined carefully to get rid of any inconsistencies.

Specialised Tools

This is quite a specialised job and, for best effect, is best handled by a skilled operative using a CNC machine. In some cases, you may need to use a grinder to actually remove some of the sides of each port with high levels of precision at all times.

Port Matching

A process of port matching will then need to be introduced so that the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head ports are of exactly the same dimensions. Once again, this will ensure that nothing gets in the way as the exhaust gases exit the system. This will relieve any backpressure or potential loss of power.

Valve Seating

If you really want to do this properly, you should also have a look at the valve seats, where the inlet and exhaust valves open and close. This is an even trickier job, but the objective is to ensure that the valve creates a perfect seal when it is closed, and this will ensure that the combustion process is far more efficient.

Skilled Work

Exhaust porting and matching will undoubtedly improve the performance of your engine, but it's crucial to get this done by a skilled engineer. However, you will certainly notice a difference and will be able to celebrate more horsepower at the wheels when all is said and done.

To learn more about custom performance engines, consult a resource in your area.

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